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Staircase Storage

The Under stairs area of your home is that awkward extra space that doesn’t always lend itself to an easy storage solution. That being said, because of its’ awkward shape, exploiting it by choosing a bespoke solution can become a good opportunity to design and create great storage. There’s always some amount of usable space under that stairs, so take full advantage to create storage for shoes, bags and other everyday essentials. Traditionally, enclosing the area with a studded partition with a door is what you might expect from under stairs areas. However, this solution often ends in the area becoming cluttered and impossible to organise. Therefore we like to design and create modular cabinets, that when fitted, form a precise fitted under stairs storage solution. Maximising your space allows the removal of clutter from other areas of the home.

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Each under stairs storage unit is specifically designed to your exacted space and we work with you to design the type of storage solution that suits you. This could be a selection of cabinets for hanging coats or an entire unit with drawers for the sole purpose of storing shoes. Alternatively, if it’s more display space you're after, this is the perfect spot.

Having a well-designed and fitted storage area under your stairs can be a huge benefit and transforms the effectiveness of the space and create the aesthetic look of a well-organised home

We work to provide you with the most up to date and modern bespoke storage solutions for all of our clients around Ireland.

So, whether you want extra space to display your odds and ends, extra clothing storage or simply extra filling space, there are tons of different creative storage options available to take full advantage of that extra area that most two-story houses have. 

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Why BM Custom Furniture?
This is what our customer think about our bespoke Staircase Storage units: 

Jennifer from Malahide
''Extremely happy with both the service and design of the furniture that Barry made for me. Highly recommend this company!!!!!!!!!!''

Michelle lives in Ratoath
''Barry, BM Custom Furniture, made and installed radiator covers, understair storage and wall panelling for us. We genuinely couldn't have been happier with the service received. We found Barry extremely realible, professional and simply a pleasure to deal with. We have also received lots of compliments on the work completed and friends and family have also gotten work done by Barry after seeing ours. We would have no hesitation in recommending BM Custom Furniture. ''

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