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Bespoke Alcove Units

We are Dublin's furniture specialists. We can design and build your dream alcove units. Alcove units are typically related to fireplaces. They hold a formidable quantity of potential storage. All awkward recessed corners and areas also are referred to as alcoves. They can be situated anywhere in your home and most typically result from extensions. The area between them can house the hearth or - within the case of in-built TV units - a TV or entertainment system.
So why would one get bespoke alcove units? Custom made units fit right in using the complete available space. The shelving complements the interior design of a room. Flexibility and attention to detail that you simply won’t get with a ready-made piece of furniture off the shelf. Working with an interior Designer exposes new perspectives creating distinctive furniture.

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These reasons total up the necessity for custom-made furniture simply because all alcoves have awkward dimensions. This means that off the shelf units might not fit the available measurements. There's always an alternative when it involves alcove units. You can favour to build a detached piece of furniture or design a built in. With an array of various designs, a cabinet maker will produce something truly distinctive. Let’s dive into totally different elements of an alcove unit. Our goal is to create your new alcove unit in a way that is trendy, sensible and practical.

In this article we tend to :
discuss different kinds of designs for alcove shelving
look into in-built TV units in different rooms of a house
help you find out how to style open shelving
give you many practical ideas on how to declutter your house
choose the freestanding or in-built entertainment unit

Highest quality

Custom made alcove units are made with the highest quality materials. We don't use cheap regular MDF, but instead we use certified hidrofugo® moisture resistant MDF, plywood, veneers and solid woods. Highest quality finish spray painting in any colour and finish, or staining and lacquering service

Perfect design

Our carpenter is a skilled designer, that will work with you step by step. If needed we can even render some 3D images to make sure we are clear and on the same page in regards to the design and style you are looking for. We are specialists in cabinet making with 15+ years of experience.
Perfect assembly with over +450 happy clients 

Made with care

Our carpenter builds alcove units in our workshop. This is better than doing it on site for a variety of reasons, as having access to the needed tools, machinery and paint room. But also for the obvious health and safety reasons.

The unit styles 

Alcove Units are available a range of sizes and designs.
We narrowed the styles down to three:
Traditional, modern and transitional.

Traditional means symmetry, comfort and charm. When considering this style imagine rich wood tones, curved lines and luxurious furniture. It’s a graceful and refined style that brings everything in a room together creating it look elegant. According to traditional style everything comes in pairs around a statement piece. A statement piece may be a fireplace or a piece of artwork, or the TV itself in the case of in-built TV Units. Pairing the items results in balance. They complement details of the room's statement piece.

Modernism began as an intellectual movement at the end of nineteenth century. It has then spread into completely different elements of life as well as interior design. Modern style moves far from the ‘lived in’ feeling that traditional style implies. The idea is to cover the clutter and make hidden storage. It’s purpose of ‘less is more’ created through clean, crisp lines using plain textures and no detail. The bookcases or shelves in this instance won’t be sticking out from the walls. You will observe a great deal of metals. They are often utilized in faucets, doorknobs, cabinet handles and railings. This allows us to maneuver away from a comfortable and warm traditional look.

A transitional may be a combination of both traditional and modern designs. It is created by using rich traditional textures and clean lines of modernism. Adding a contemporary piece to a traditional styled space can make it feel fresh and new. Either styles is used as a base and can be added to. It is the simplest way of creating balance with feminine traditional features and masculine attributes of modernism. When it involves interior design you base your decisions on the way you're feeling about them. The design for your alcove units lies within these 3 styling categories. You can have as much freedom as you wish with the selection of color and texture.

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Ask us for a quote

So, go on!

Talk to us today and together we can design and produce a one of a kind piece of furniture that is unique to you and your home.

Why BM Custom Furniture?
This is what our customer think about our bespoke alcove units: 

Eva from Knocklyon
''I ordered a custom built furniture for an alcove beside my fire place along with two radiator cabinets. I am very happy with the products delivered and fitted by BM Custom Furniture. This company is reliable and the work is first class. I have no hesitation in recommending them.''

Pat lives in Lucan
''Barry did an outstanding job on our out-sized built-in shelving unit in the family room. The units are 9 feet high (floor to ceiling) with shelves set at different heights to accommodate large and small book, LPs, CDs, ornaments, etc., and plain push-open doors on the bottom units. When he had finished, the units looked like they had been part of the original house plans (new build). We're very happy with this Carpenter, high quality work for a fair price and very friendly too. I would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone who is looking for custom-made furniture.''

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Benefits of custom made furniture

Most of us want our home to be well-decorated with some unique furniture design. When it comes to the interior design of your home, it’s important to choose each item with care so that it blends in with the overall design of the room. Everyone has their own unique ideas about design and style. Therefore, many people choose custom made furniture as the possibilities of design styles, features, colours and textures are endless. This allows you, the customer, to design something that speaks to you, functions for your individual requirements and most importantly, allowing your personality to shine through.

Here are 3 of the main benefits of choosing us to create your custom made furniture.

A Unique range of furniture: Custom-made furniture is something you can play around with the design. We can help you design furniture according to your needs, requirements, preferences and style.

Quality: We use the highest quality materials available on the market. Materials we use include certified hidrfugo, moisture resistant MDF, furniture grade plywood, veneers and solid woods
If you want your furniture to stay intact for years, then quality materials are a must. Ready-furniture is usually made of inferior quality material to cut down the price. With our custom-made furniture, you get that high-quality furniture you are looking for which has been hand made and constructed by a highly skilled craftsman, leaving you with a sturdy, high-quality product.

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Storage and Size: Custom-made furniture is just perfect if you are looking for storage space in either small apartments very large rooms or awkward spaces such as under your stairs. We help you design them in such a manner so that they maximize on storage. There may be an empty wall or corner of the room where ready-furniture pieces are either small or just too big to fit. These are times when bespoke furniture comes to the rescue. Since we can make anything in any size, your commissioned piece of made to measure furniture will look great anywhere.

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